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Unusual LWB Land Rover


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Is that the one that was on eBay a week or two ago.   I looked and thought it was just the safari canopy had been swapped onto the farm version.   

The safari version had that same canopy in white with a roof rack of stores mounted on a peg moulded to the centre of the canopy. 

edit On further inspection and research, this could be a very late version made up of leftovers at the end of the life of the LWB Series 3 in 1974.  It is packed in the safari version of the box (with orange bands around the ends and orange inner as opposed to the usual pale green of the normal farm one), which coupled with a white roof ties in.  It would have been a simple task to remove the peg from the top of the canopy,  so they could use up white canopies when the tan ones ran out, and I expect the farm boxes had run out also.  In this case there may have only been a handful produced. The registration number (MAC 68L) was only applied to models made in the last couple of years of production.

Thanks for that link 4055power,  it has some interesting variations.  I recall watching one of those display stands on ebay a couple of years ago - sadly, it got too expensive for me :( They must be colour blind however, because the one he refers to as blue, is in fact the standard issue dark grey.  Further down the page he refers to the series 2 with a 'blue' farmer, which actually appears to be the green farmer ! (I've never heard of the farmer in blue)

I haven't come across the Unipart or Disposal Sales agency ones before either.  Were they Britains produced i wonder, or altered by a third party (code 3) ?

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As far as I am aware, its not the ebay one. One former owner since new I think. Looking at the packaging, the item could be a factory mis-match since all other farm land rovers seem to be in the different box variation. This one seems to be in the common Zoo and Military box.

Sorry you edited your post before I submitted this  :D

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It does say on the website they was originally wrong packed in the safari box so you must have one of the first released farm version Andy

No, it will one from the very end of the production life.  The MAC 68L registration number would not have been used before August 1972 at the earliest, more probably it was used from late that year or early 1973. 

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It maybe near the end of production run :-\ but box wise it is an early one because it's in a safari style box and not the farm style box if you see what I'm saying think we need a box expert to say what date the boxes are from :D

No it is not an 'early' box - the LWB Land Rover boxes remained the same throughout the life of the model.  The Farm one had different colouring from the Safari and Military versions.  The one Andy has shown is the Safari/Military colouring, and coupled with the later registration and the use of the white canopy from the safari version, is an almost certain indication that this was produced at the end of the product life and was put together from remaining parts and boxes when the correct farm box and tilt had been used up.  There were probably a few bodies to use up, but it was not worthwhile moulding more tan canopies and printing more boxes for them. 

There is absolutely nothing to indicate this being an early box, as that colour and style of box was constant throughout the life of the LWB Series 2 Land Rover.

Although the website you linked to says

Britains Long Wheelbase Farm Land Rover, brown, No 9575, originally wrong packed in safari box
,  I think he means that the actual pictured model was originally packed in that box, not that the Farm Land Rover was originally issued in that box.

To recap - the registration MAC 68L could only have been used after August 1st 1972,  also there is plenty of evidence  that the brown colour was only used on the LWB Series 2 Land Rover in 1974 (its final year of production).  It was quite common for Britains to use up odd parts at the end of a production run or carry parts over to a new version (it is almost certainly why some Farmhand balers exist with the early red painted metal parts and the later white plastic parts).

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well I'm ignorant of all this... so for me it makes for great education.... thanks Mr Plough as always - you are a wealth of knowledge, which I for one enjoy reading immensely

Nice find too Big Cheese - I'd love to have a rummage through your collection some time - I bet it's superb

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Another one I missed first time round  ::)

Great web site, good post 4055, I had not realised that Britains made so many LR's

Andy can you show the LR from slightly above and with a darker background as the canopy merges with the white background?

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