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when i recently got an order for a hesston 4900 and bale chaser i couldnt resist doing the hesstons twin the mf 190 for myself,the hesston still needs the small pick up tyres(the small wheels are only painted before i pictured them) put on and a few small decals applied.the two balers were built together and took 9 days to complete



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this is how im getting on with my heath superchaser,so far ive spent at least 5 long days and ive a long way to go yet,maybe another 3 days before painting.i have to have the chaser and 4900 completed by late july and after all ive put in im not trusting royal mail,instead ill be delivering them personally,the chaser would be a 8-9 day build for me



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ive found balers to be tricky to build as theres so many different shapes etc...theres a lot of scaling down measurements etc involved....as for the chaser,there is so many moving parts and brass involved that sometimes you,d hardly see a days work,i was from 8oclock to 4 one day just making the bogey axles...i found the scale calculator here on forum very useful to get my sizes correct

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having an addiction to models i usually like to keep one of most things i do but ill not be doing a chaser to keep,far too complex of a build and far too much time involved to be keeping one.my problem is we do not have any chasers here where i live so ive been working off information i got on website and technical data in the build,it would have been excellent if there was one beside me to measure off but im pleased with progress so far and ill be leaving the model working like the real one....id probably never have built a chaser only i got and order for one and the fact that a forum member has built one was a good help to me otherwise id probably have said no.....ive a new mf tractor awaiting decals so itll be along soon

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