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ye tried a few sets of wheels but they were either to big or to small. but as you say these look right just have to build a 3350 and a 2 whd 3050 to go with here now. the ertle chasis are getting expensive to buy seen a chsia with no cab go for 21 on e bay.

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ye i managed to buy a few up for 4 to 6 pounds each thank god

thats a better price pete.  i want to do one with a loader on it as i spent a few summers loading bale trailers , one of the best loader tractors i reckon.
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Very nice indeed, like others have said the wheels look spot on for it :) Now get the chassis cast and you could make a mint from that ;)

i wouldn't mind getting the chasia cast as it would work for any of the 40 or 50 series 4 cylinders sg2 cabbed tractors.

What did you use as a base? The Ertl 3140?

ye used a ertl 3350/3140 chasia cut down then joined again to make it the lenght of a 4cylinder

pete just trying to make out where you cut it to shortern it ;)

nathan will get apic of where it is joined for you tonight

Just brilliant Pete,well done mate  ;)

cheers mate

Stunning work Pete, that is one very nice Deere you've made yourself there, looks spot on with the Celtis wheels. :)



thanks david worth it when other people like them as well
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