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6930 with front lift

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was looking at those new kits the other day al, they do look good i must say, are they worth the money do you think mate???  do the arms fold to, old one did

undecided about value for money, seem stronger then the last ones. had to atler the width of it to fit the jd. top link is hard to get in place. arms dont fold up. another thing is theres not much movemwnt before the rams pull out ;)

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so more dispaly then functionable like the last ones were.mm thats a shame i must say, they do suit the jd very well, seen a few round here that look like them, think my next ones will be the older ones

i think they have stopped making the old ones :-\ just comparing it to an old one at the minute and it seems to look more symetrical if thats the word to use ???

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Aussome, that linkage is just what i need for the 7810

That would be awesome then, as in full of awe ;)

It looks great Andy but from what you say looks arn't everything. I can see it adding a huge amount of realism to shelf model though. 8)

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