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i used to have one of these and came across a ertl in not bad condition at minitrac on good friday.ive been working on and off at it now for a long time and it was a hell of a lot of work,an awkward.i sliced off the bottom doors and moved them in flush with the cab,tricky..i fitted a 4020 front axle and this too was tricky..4020 seat fitted after cutting out the ih floor to suit it,was very awkward getting a linkage to suit as theres not much room between the diesel tank so this came from a mf 9240..cab glazed and added light stalks and mirrors as per real one and cut the mudgaurds to size and added grabrail,back wheels of ford 5000,and steps added,back window left open and split screen folded up,dull matt effect put on modified 4020 exhaust by spraying with high temperature black spray and manifold painted brown for the rusty look..fitting the front axle was tricky,i have drilled out the centre of the jd axle and inserted a brass rod and inside that another brass rod so the axle pivots,and had to modify the steering drag arm to clear the centre pivot



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and now with the perfect implement,right out of the jf fc80 brochure.in fairness the one in brochure is a 785 but ill be displaying these two together...im currently building two of these foragers along with two new models so they,ll be along soon



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ive still got one in 5 pices to mould up some time

BOR your 784 is outstanding mate very nice the best ive seen in fact

ive also got the rear fenders to the JD 3140 to make a alternative flat deck cabbed version

as sean said RC2 should wake up and re-do these and or the "david brown" case 1690s

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Now that is a nice little tractor, well done, as Sean says about time ERTL woke up and re-released an updated version of this one.  Or how about a couple of new inters by UH, perhaps a 574/674 or a 885XL.

a nice little 484 with a loader would look nice now BOR  ;) ;) ;) ;)

i wish they all just wanna do fords and masseys ha ha! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

our day will come one day some day in the meantime i will have a go at a 674

grafting a bonnet to fit oner a resin 784 front is still going on in my head at the mo

till the workshop is sorted

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