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Ford 5610 with LP cab

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I have been meaning to do this for ages and as the whether is so bad outside here's my Spalding competition entry build. First model I have made for about 30 years, so here goes..............

Starting with a new Britains 5000, a repro cab from Brian Norman and some 10 series brochures. I have issues with this as a base model, more of which at a latter date ::)


Obvious I know, but first task is to dismantle said tractor, getting those b****y rear wheels off is not easy


Rear wings were the first parts to be made. As you can see to the top of this picture I started with some card templates


"Inner" wings and tops, with slots for cab mounting


Fully assembled wings, with a lot of filing/filling/shaping to do


After a bit of shaping, you can see here that I played around with the fixing hole position of the wings, I picked up on the original fixings. They have also been narrowed down


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Start of floor pan. I did not have much to go on as regards the interior so some guess work here


With one wing assembled and rear part for seat mounting, part with slot in


Both wings mounted and start off side pieces of mudguards


I had issues with this assembly as I could not get the floor pan to sit in the correct place, too far back :-X so I cut the wings off and started from scratch for the floor pan


Trial fitting of cab to floor pan, gaps caused by filling of holes with small pieces of plastic. Also shown is the Mk1 roof, this was scrapped too ::)


Modifications to cab firewall


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Floor pan viewed from below


Start of exhaust. A piece of plastic rod with smaller pieces, 4, stuck around the outside. Eventually the gaps were filled in with milliput and smoothed with a file and fine wet and dry


Bonnet fuel tank surround early stage


From below


Bonnet in a reasonably advanced state, this was sized from the 5000 bonnet as regards width and the chassis casting with regard to length



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Grill shown with a resin repro one to left, really fiddly to make alittle on the wide side unfortunately ::)


Bonnet with grill from below. You can see from this that I picked up the mounting positions from the 5000 chassis for the new bonnet and added a locating pin to hold the grill assembly in position (the black dot)


Grill fitted in position


Modifications to the chassis for a front mounted exhaust, removed rear exhaust mounting from manifold. I eventually stuck a small piece of plastic rod to the top of the front part of the exhaust manifold, not shown in this picture


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Front weight carrier. Sorry about the pictures, a little indistinct or too bright ::) I used the chassis casting to hold this in place when assembled as there is a small square hole on/in the front of the tombstone



Early mock up on 5000 chassis, front weight carrier easier to see here


Mock up, on a 7600 chassis, prior to paint. You can see here the filler on the exhaust to give it its oval shape, also side lights/indicators mounted on paperclips along with cab door mirrors albeit quite simplified and extension to leveling box


From front


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brilliant keep it going mate , nowhere near enough conversions of this tractor going on , i tried dismally one afternoon  :D & pbmoynan tried his hand but cant remember how far he got  ::)

Thank you, wanted to have a go at one for a long time, the competition gave me a deadline to meet

Fair play to you mate that is nice work :o :o :o

Praise indeed, my work is not worthy ;)

very impressive Pete...  Paul,.... ;)::):),I'll have to get you to do me one.....or a range of them!! :)

Why thank youCatherine...  Nigel  ;)...........                numpty for me if I got that wrong ::):D

tell you what mate, you should get that cast up parts wise, you would make a killing on the bonnets ect, i could do with 3 like that right now, superb work

Thanks TM810. I have issues with this chassis, as mentioned at the start ;)

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Okay where did I get to. Some sub assemblies ready for paint, from L to R grill, front weight carrier, cab cradle, toolbox, bonnet/dash assembly and at the front the cab steps


Finished floor pan and cab roof Mk11


Final assembly, weight carrier has been modified here as I saw a much better/clearer picture of one on eBay


Rear wheels are 5000 tyres on 7600 rims/hubs with the wheel weights


Front wheels are from the last, cab less, version of the old 6600 drilled out to fit on the new 5000 front axle. I turned the implement lift lever upside down to clear the cab back


Not to sure of the interior details as information I gleaned from brochures was a bit sketchy to say the least and I don't have access to any tractors


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The finished article, a bit of paint can cover a multitude of sins


Decals were made up using some supplied by DBP, well to be honest I copied these on to paper to make longer and used double sided tape and sellotape on the front, thanks Dave


Have also added a rain cap to the top of the exhaust. Steering wheel courtesy of the super dig loading shovel


Should have added at the beginning that its a column/dash shift version



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i recon we can live with the chassis mistakes to get a decent bonnet like that ,save me a lot of time trying to sand a britains one to shape

Biggest problem I have with this chassis is that it appears to be too long so my bonnet is too long, looks like a six banger should be under it, would sound better though. Cab front was lined up with a casting mark on the offside of the gearbox, this positioned the wings which dictated the size of tyres used. Front tyres from the 5000 are a little to large which is why I did not use them

The cab casting is a little bit on the large side as well methinks, slightly to tall.

To everyone who left kind comments I thank you and hope the finished article meets with your approval, Paul  :) aka super6

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Incredible and the finish beats a very main few others hands down. A superb build when all the building of parts finally comes together with paint. really impressive project. Thanks for all the posts of the process, it shows far more about this model than just the final article which is why I am so impressed by it.

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some good points there mate with reguards the chassis, i tend to build to them rather than the arts now, only way to get them right,you say the tyres have been swapped on the rear rims, how easy was it to do that?? was looking at removing some for respraying the rims and couldnt shift them  so gave up

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