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was going to use use a class celtis chassis to build a 390 but after a good look and a few comments from guys on here have decided to have a go at a 399 as its longer i think it looks ok for length ive extended a britains 362 bonnet and made it bulkier with a styrene wrap 1mm thick also added the same to the grill modified the rear wheels to look right the square shape as fitted to 300 range but cant do the front dont know whether to change them for the mcormick fronts and swap tyres or not have a look at pics see what you guys think any sugestions or tips welcome





the straight on photo looks odd as the weight is actually slightly squint not the bonnet

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In my honest but somewhat inexperienced tractor converting opinion, I would say keep going with the front wheels as they are. If you arn't happy with them at the end of the project, change them then. As it is I'd say your on to a winner with proportions. 8)

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looks good to me, if your unsure on the fronts try swapping the tyres round first,  might be easier than swapping full hubs and tyres as not all axels are the same, and its easier to use the celtis one than try to fix a whole different axel, its surprising how many tyres will swap between uh hubs

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update so far cut the chassis more to get the cab lower for cab to bonnet alignment cut away the tank from step cut sides of chassis flush added styrene to the floorpan to level it up added the steps finished the grill added brass rod to give the correct effect and filled in light area / surround looks alot better now i think its a pain getting time at the moment with harvest on the go heres the pics of it so far







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update so far levers in cab now panels and wheels primered and some of top coat on just cut up the linkage as its different to the normal UH one ive cut a 5480 linkage up so i can use that bonded to this one heres a few photos showing this






sorry buti dont think these are not in order

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Here is an update so far. Linkage turned out good i think, i decided to paint the hubs red and used copper paint, to give the effect of new looking wheel studs. all other details added mirrors, beacon, lights, window wiper anyhow here's the pics so far, i need to do a open back window and need decals.







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