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i recently got an order for a 602 with direct cut head so just done 2 of them so here they are,i used to draw away from one of these hitched to a mf 2640 2wd,direct header was a bit of a disaster,too slow,when a cutting knife broke then the whole operation was held up,he only kept it for a year then changed to pick up head again



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the owners i knew who had the 602 and 622 both said they changed to a ten x and were very dissappointed,a very overrated machine,one owner who only kept his ten x one year had previously ran a jd 3760 precision chop,gd machine,when asked about the ten x he always says"bad machine,bad experience" he went self propelled after that,and he,s not a man to waste money on a white elephant.i drew away from a 602b powered by a 2640 and i was on a 575 and later a 885xl and i remember in a good day him cutting 26 acres with pick up head,thankfully he changed the direct cut header after 1 year for a pick up which left me back on the mower,a vicon 9ft cut on a db 1410 and then a 885xl,a job i preferred as i always got enough mowed by 6 o clock to do them for a long day and then i wasnt drawing to ten or eleven at night



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more,the direct cut,all the discs are in there too....there was a choice of two widths in the mower...the big square rotating bit above discs were to feed the crop evenly into the auger



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this shows the work involved in the pick up reel alone.bending 10 fine wires into shape and drilling out a brass rod to make the fingers for feeding,this alone can take an hour to do...2nd pic is them in place,waiting for araldite to set and then bend them round a biro to get them all in line,sounds easy,its not



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yes they did.the mower was hydraulic driven and i always maintained they soaked up at least 20 hp,i remember it being a fine balance between keeping the mower working productively and running the forager evenly,like i said before disaster,but maybe for a farmer with 20 or 30 acres ok,this man was a contractor..i remember him buying a 602c,the c stood for contractor model,apparently heavier duty gearboxes were fitted,problem i seen though was that around this time tractors were getting bigger,in my opinion the 602 was under stress with any more than 100hp,the 622 was able to soak up the hp more though and use it effectively,the 622 had a bigger appetite,a local contractor fitted a perkins v8 540 engine from a MF 1155 to a 622 and used her here for 3 years before buying a self propelled,what a sound that was at work,problem was though it made the forager too heavy(the engine,diesel tank etc) and left tyre ruts all over the fields so it had to go but the 622 handled the power ok

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we used wot looked like your 602 with normal pickup BOR

but the tractor on the front pulling it was a B reg CASE 1494 2wd

so wheather or not the did smaller tarrups i might be mistaken

i used it on the secons cut of 1990 and it was a good machine did

the job

i was given a vicon belt round bailer after that  ::)

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