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MF 700 silage and grain trailers

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erm think they are siku ones as they were knocking about in the spares box got some vanto style ones being made for me though.

Plus I put on new smaller plastruct axle holders to get the wheels closer to the body like what old massey and pdh did on there rc2 trailers.

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Thanks for the replies lads and I have some blue soon for udi :D

I've got both painted up now and got my new vanto style wheels from mb trac last week which he designed and had cast for me.

The wheel centre is white metal with a black flexible rubber resin tyre with an awesome tread pattern Brian put on them.

Just done a quick mock up on the silage trailer just fitted on with new brass axle rod and wheel spacers, still got to paint the wheels yet




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have to say thats a good build mate & those trailer chassis are weak , so probably best you rebuilt it ! wheels also look good , although they do look awfully small on the trailer

Thanks MJB these new wheels are the same size as the siku ones but was wondering if you or Marky or any other mf nuts knew how many decals the trailers should have,ones I've seen have 4 in all,one each front and back and two on front side panels ???

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decals the ones i seen have

1 'massey ferguson' decal in centre of tail board & same on head board

1 'massey ferguson 700' decal on sides on setions nearest front pillars

ah found this just click on the pic to make it bigger , sorry only pic i could find at the moment & if yer wondering why it's green it because they have a green tractor , well they have a 6480 now  :D :D

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