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I purchased the 110/90 at minitrac on good friday and wanted to customise it,but when i took it apart i realised there was going to have be major modifications done as i always felt the front and back wheels were too small and front axle too wide,to be fair when this model is fitted with the correct scaled size wheels the front axles ok.now theres no room at back to fit bigger wheels so you have to reposition the halfshafts,can be hard getting these right.



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now the wheels!!!  the back wheels are mf 5480 rims with the holes ovalled out,the centres are from the 110/90 as these are correct,back tyres are valtra....the front rims are mf 5480 with holes ovalled out and mf 5455 wheel centres and again valtra tyres and front hubs modified from a landini powermaster,the way i done them the original front wheel fixing studs still fit like a glove and your left witha good tight fitting front wheel,lot of work though and a mad combination i know



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now because ive fitted bigger wheels the cab now needs repositioned forward slightly to clear the mudguards,this involved cutting away some of the underside of the fiat cab.oh and now the original linkage sits too high and i put in a siku and resprayed the whole chassis in black again



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This is my non MF classic collection so far,IH 784, JD 3650 big step and the FIAT,theres a long list to add to this if i can get the donors..i think its a much better proportioned tractor now as you see in the pics sitting between a 80hp and 130hp tractors for size comparison,there were a few fiats around here and proved there worth,great sounding and very reliable engine.



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