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first ever pics


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Marcus, you have gone up in my estimation now fantastic, hope you set that up not your dad ;):D

up in your estimation ??

looks like u had a good setup then ?;D ;D

i dred to think what it looks like now :o;D;)


have neither of you seen my displays posted on the site ? i'll find the links for you if you want me to ?:) :)

nice little setup ther emarcus,is that an early 6600 convo i see it the back

thats the only 6600 convo as i ran out of TW's to break  :D :D but you've seen it on the site surly  ???

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Lovely pictures Marcus - Shows just how long you've been a true model boffin then (as If the earlier one of you on a tractor didn't !) (The Whippy Gate Affair)

Love that Ford pulling the trailer- looks so much better than the standard model with those wheels.

whippy gate affair indeed :D

as for the wheels on the ford pulling the trailer ,do you mean the pics in this post ? as all the wheels are standard britains ,never got into changing wheels at this stage  :)

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Sorry Udimore... I couldn't read that last post at all? ;D - It seems to have come out scrambled on my screen . All that has come out is your name, and the words - red models and desire so much? ;D

Pop round mine anytime and have a play with my models anytime mate? ;):D

I probably own the same models anyway ;) ssshh who said that

Ol no, you have those other scale thinymebobs dont you, only joking still waiting for my cabinet to turn up though  :(

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