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FB's scaloox house / garage


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Started this a while ago, not really had much time to spend on it at weekends really.

Its the scaloox house and machinery shed combined and then changed! :D :D ::) ::)...not sure what to do when i hit first floor level / garage roof!....might pop over to Markys and get him to help me with some trusses!


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yeah, the garage, or what was the machinery shed but modified will be about 5 blocks high then pitch :-\ :-\ ???

the house (took the two ends of his version) should be 2 high ::)...if i have enough blocks :D :D....then i need some more to put a wall around the board (400x500mm), then stick the railway grass down, gravel the drive and its done......about 2 years! ?:D :D :D::) ::)

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i hate having to let the glue set...and it can be fiddly to get it 'square'!!!....some of it isn't!  :D :D ::) ::)

did a bit more tonight, just filling the holes. Need to get the Landy down to use as a height guide

also fitted the last support for the barn in the back ground...hoping that will be ready for painting by the end of the month along with the tractor shed  ::) ::):D :D

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Looking good Ben - I want to have a play with that scaleoox - looks like fun stuff - effective as well.? Roof trusses would be no problem I think.... In what material though? ???

i'll bring some over or you can see them on that Friday? ;) ;)

probably wood, but i'd need to have a 'fink' first :D :D :D

and before some smart ass thinks i spelt it wrong


a fink truss  :D :D

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Wood be simple enough to make (keeping on the bad spelling theme before I get ANOTHER certificate) on the bandsaw I reckon Ben - 5mm square - what do you think - Let me know as I'm off to Huntingdon to buy some more spud box wood tomorrow - if I haven't got some I'll get some  ;)

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Looks good FB, nice to see another person having a go with the Scaloox. Those shot's illustrate how to use the blocks and smaller individual pieces really well. Looking at the floor plan it is going to be some size too. Will be interested to see it at timely intervals, keep us all updated.

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