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Britains box no.9522 Which model was this?

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OK,calmed down a bit now,what am I looking for when it arrives? metal linkage,driver in blue coat,rear wheels with closed slots anything else?I am sure it will be a genuine one,bought it unseen through a mate of a mate in Derbyshire.

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To Quote Dave Pullen:-  Metal Links with pickup

                                            Usual MF 595 steering etc.

                                            Driver in Coat and Boots

                                            Front Wheels MF 595

                                            Rear Wheels MF 595 - solid plastic dish (the slotted type were only introduced on the 595 in about 1980)

                                            Jewel headlights etc.

                                            Paper decals

Ultimaetly it is identical to the early 595's appart from the decals.

Hope this helps.


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I'll try and intercept this little tractor when it goes through the sorting office ;). Just gotta fine tune my Scottish accent, get some Welles and one of those dirty sheep sha**er  pouch's and hope they believe me when I say I have come to collect the wee thing as it's that valuable.  :D;) ;) ;D

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Sorry fairy,been a tad busy with work and have been buying a fair bit recently so forgot about the topic and getting back about the model,I can confirm it was a Mint MF 590 (no cab crack,nothing) in a Mint box "get in there".I have also bought a MF595 on ebay for ?43.00 mint in box recently box is mint but window is cracked,this also was box no.9522 still a cheap model me thinks.I will not be selling the MF 590 in the near future but once the silly money gets on the go again on ebay I will consider making a profit to pay of my mortgage ;);D

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