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Powerstar's At It Again...

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Just started the basics on another MF 2000 conversion. Not sure what model number it will be yet, possible a 2640/2720. Running on smaller set of rear Joal wheel weighted wheels, Different exhaust. Already put a new pin on where the linkage pole fits on to. No front weights on this model might just fit a weight rack to finish it off. Any questions fire away.? :)

Here's the chassis and mudguards.

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Nerd pliers are carried everywhere Marky, the most useful multi-purpose tool ever. In my view anyway, Lets NOT discuss nerd pliers and thanks for the compliments, 2620 from you, I might hold a poll.

Thanks TM, it will be mylast one for a while, hopefully it will meet the standards of the 2685 ?:)

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Not sure FB? ???

Good luck on that one TM, would look good, especially with Front Links.

:D :D :D

keep it up powerstar...maybe one day, if i can bring myself to do it, i may try a simple one too....but dont go waiting for it! :) :)

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Yeah, this was in as near state as how the 2685 started, nothing a little Farmmodels.co.uk order can't fix ;) Nice to know MF 2000 series are getting new leases of life around the country, Got any plans for another Marcus?

not unless i buy another one mate :) going to try & save a few pennies to get an ROS 3050 for the cab & floorpan to get my 3680 looking like it should  seemed daft putting the 2000 series cab on them & very annoying when it says 'authentic farm toys ' on the box

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Just need Decals,and a few things I'll order from the DT spares collection. Think i'll order the 2620 decals, outcome looks inevitable.? ;)

resistance is futile  ;) certainly looks that way doesn't it ? still you'll be the only one on here to have one ;)

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