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UH Hedgecutter with Britains JCB Fastrac

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Piece from the Irish Farmers Journal 7 Jan 2006:

McConnel flail cutter for Fastrac

Contractors wanting to get between hedge and grass verge cutting jobs as quickly as possible have been given the means to do it by McConnel, the UK-based vegetation control machinery manufacturer.

It has engineered a mounting kit that enables the company's telescopic Power Arm 7700T flail mower to fit behind the cab of the JCB Fastrac.

The resulting outfit can cover the ground quickly and safely between jobs thanks to its 65kph top speed, twin axle suspension and all-round disc brakes before deploying the long-reach mower. The 7.7m reach Power Arm 7700T is normally carried on the axles and three-point linkage of a conventional tractor, the telescopic section of its outer arm enabling it to reach 7.7m from the side of the host vehicle.

So they do exist!! ;D

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i work for a flail mowing/hedgecutting contractor and he looked into fitting a flail on a fastrac but it was found to be of no benifit with a conventional one as the arm/head would be too far back to see due to the rear work platform (view blocked by rear wheel/ cab pillar) and would be shaken about too much travelling at 65km on the road, the only way around it is to fit a specialised one on to the rear load platform (like the one above i presume) there was one like this at LAMMA show last week which is used on riverboard work ect. WE ended up with a massey 6270 instead which i drive so was gutted i didnt get my hands on a fastrac! Hope these comments are of interest to you.

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        the pto comes out the back of the tractor with a cog (gear) which is in a gearbox which goes upwards so its level with the load platform which then goes to the hedge cutter gear box (hope you get what i mean). others i have seen have the gear box/pump bolted direct onto the tractor backend coupled to the pto then the oil supplie is pumped to the oil tank on the rear load platform. hope this is of use, only have one photo of it and one of a mid mounted rig on a jd 6420. sorry if i sound a bit of a hedge cutter freak but its my job so you look at differnt rigs people opperate. will post pic in next day or so as i need to rig pic onto computer. by the way the uh convertions your doing are spot on.

                                                                    sparrow legs

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All I can see is little red x's apart from one of the McCormick from the rear. I'm imagining what it looks like and this type of thin is popular in Germany but mounted on the front, with a hoover on the back platform. Have ago at one of them Ricky!!! That would be a corking model. Wiltshire County Council have a Unimog in the same guise. Hoover on the back, flail on the front. Or they ca detach the flail head and replace it with a rotating brush attachment for washing the road signs. Seen it many a time but without me camera. It's a fancey old but of kit!!

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