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JCB 3220 FASTRAC c/w Loader

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Here NCC, you want the loader pink??

Looks the part i think, maybe even in current colours, Takes a bit more to fit this one cause of the front wheels bein so tight,

but nothing is impossible!!! as u can see

okay u can,t the pictures WILLNOT UPLOAD!!! i'm losin valuable manufacturing time!!


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ricky,bet that  took abit more fitting than the others you have done, wouldnt have thought you will get much demand for a loader on a 220hp fastrac in real life! not had chance to post pics of hedgecutter you wanted as i dont have a lead to get photos onto computer, DT put the last ones on a cd for me so i could post them, hope to get sorted over weekend. sparrow legs

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Thanks Sparrow Legs,

Yea it did take a bit of work, more than the others, had to play around for a while with the dremel to get it to fit neat!! still needs painted though, haven't had a chance this week, next week will be worse as i'm back to uni grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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NCC if ur serious, i'll do a spike no problem, but we gotta talk money and close a deal before i'll do anymore, can't risk losing money on a loader that people wont want, because not many want it on the jcb ye know

What colour is stoll??

PM me Ricky and we'll sort something out ;) ;) ;)

A loader and spike on a fastrac is ideal for bale carting, I thought everyone would know that ;D ;D ;) ;) :P :P

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ha ha!, I'll work on a spike next weekend when i'm home, then we'll have a natter NCC ;)

Can the driver see the bucket when it's on the ground Ricky?

Is it possable to fit tattie box forks to that loader?

thanks fp.

Anything possible FP, and of course he can see it,maybe not very well but he told me he can see it ha ha!

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