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Now now, boys and girls, lets not be having any silly colour wars.

When you get up in the morning you need to get rid of all this tension by chanting. The most effective chant to resolve this type of issue is undoubtedly:

"Basildon Built is Better Built".

Say that 50 times every morning, for a month, and watch your life transform. You will be happier, wealthier, and girls will talk to you.

Once you've got the hang of it, try the advanced technique - known around here as the "bolt on turbo, pump opened up, black smoke to the heavens" technique.

"Basildon Built is Better Built, and if it's been to Fleet it can't be beat".

But be warned, when you are using the advanced technique, don't buy any Lotto tickets, or smile at top totty for the first couple of weeks. Your life will be soooooooo transformed that you will need time to adjust to your new found happiness.

....... and you'll look back and laugh at the time in your life when you thought Ladas and Galloping Goats were the coolest thing ever.


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