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John Deere 2850

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Have made a bit of a start on the John Deere 2850 this weekend, in among finishing a few other models of and glazing one aswell.

Heres what ive done so far, took the rear wheels off my 3650(replaced her wheels with mccormick ones). Front wheeld and axel out of a uh7810.

Some of the cab filled down, tractor cut to length and ready for joining, weights cut off and pma weight carrier fitted, mudguards rounded off, hitch and back end shaped, and few holes drilled to make a start on the roof hatch.

Still to come lots and lots of work.




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Ah right i never knew why they were like that, though all the ertl ones came with sg2 cabs there until lately. Yeah need to get some more stoppers or milliput to fill up the other hole, going to be hard drilling the new hole for it being so close to the hole thats already in it. Have a air filter bought of dave towse a few weeks ago and going to make the exhaust myself with the wee flip lid on top. The sun roof was alot of work, drilling small holes and filling and filling and filling for ages but as its a late 80's early 90's its not a tractor without an open roof hatch!!!

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Thanks for the comments. Got onto pma last night and ordered a rear linkage and set of weights for it, and also ordered some milliput off ebay too, so hopefully get it all ready for paint next saturday. Just need to make a decision on which wheels i want to use for it, think im happy with the fronts, just need to use a larger centre hub. Altho i think i need smaller rears as those are 38's and i think the smaller 34's would look more realistic.

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wow as an ex 2850 driver yuors looks brill  ;) loved these tractors there was nothing

on the farm that they couldent do that the 3350 also did which was 5 furrow ploughing silage pit work

mowing spraying fert spinning ect and ours had a tanko self leveling front loader brill machines ,i know i bang on about

IH 885 xls but if i had the money i would consider buying one for hedge brushing busnes ect

they are the all in wonder tractor for me

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Thanks, i love the real ones myself, been on the look out for a clean one a while now, but i no rush until i find the right one, as you say its wonderful how capable they are considering how small there physical size is compareds to modern tractor of the same hp, and they are still very very manoverable around the smallest of yards.

Theres nothing wrong with the 885s either, weve a ih785xl 2wd on the diet feeded, brilliant machine, and a real pleasure to drive

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Thanks Johny the end is in sight now

If any one has any wheel suggestions keep them coming. I think the Ford 7810 wheels are the right size 24' and with larger hubs should look the part. But what models use 34' rears, the valtra ones are 38' and too big for the wee 2850. Any of the others i see the pattern dont look right on them.



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