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'Straw Box' Tractors and Implements-A bit of help needed?


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A question for the 'historians'-could anyone tell me which tractors and implements were produced in 'straw boxes'?I think I am pretty close to owning them all (collected over more years than I care to remember,but most sometime ago!) but may still be missing one or two-any help would be greatly appreciated-thanks guys.

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erm pretty much all that was available


post hole digger





Mf and loader

Ford 6600 and dumper

ford 6600 & mf 595 and implement set (can have 590)

Ford 6600 + implement - can be 5000

Ford and loader

im sure there are others

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britains MF 135 without cab (yhis was also called a rail box as it had a lip with the hole to hang on a shop rail(god I need to get out more often ::)) )but it still has straw comming down the sides of the box

also the first MF combines

And the gift sets i.e Ford 6600 with MF 595 and impliments ;)

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Try this there many be more, I have not checked

Deutz DX110, 5 versions, 9526

Fiat 880DT, 4 versions, 9528

Ford 6600, 4 versions, 9524

Massey Ferguson 135, 2 versions, 9520

Massey Ferguson 595, 1 versions, 9522

Massey Ferguson 590, 1 versions, 9522

Mercedes Unimog, 2 versions, 9569

Bamford BL58 Baler, 3 versions, 9563

New Holland 376 Baler, 1 versions, 9556

Massey Ferguson 760, 2 versions, 9570

Alfa Laval Vacuum Slurry Tanker, 1 versions, 9560

Buckrake, 1 versions, 9543

Crop Sprayer, 1 versions, 9548

Disc Mower, 1 versions, 9544

Forage Harvester, 2 versions, 9542

Lely Rotary Tedder, 1 versions, 9541

Lister Elevator, 1 versions, 9564

Trailer High-Side Tipping, 1 versions, 9566

Trailer Two Wheel, 2 versions, 9550

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Thanks for asking FP,I think the only items I am now missing are the Shawnee-Poole Dumper-or was this only available with one of the sets?.Iam also missing the lely tedder.All my collection is mint in boxes.

Quick!!! Tie him up and tickle him into submission... Where is your collection Volvoman?!!

Sounds like you have a collection to be admired by many. Do you display them in the boxes or not, in a cabinet, shelf. ... Do you have some photo's of this collection? Do you want any more questions?!! :D

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Keep the info coming guys-don,t have the green acrobat-another hole to plug!.Will see what i can do about some photo's Deere-est,sadly I don,t have the room to display them (I also have a girlfriend with a cleaning /dusting fetish so no chance of them being displayed anyway-too much risk of damage!!!)so they are all in mint condition in thier boxes safely stored away at room temperature-hence little or no wheel melt(I think-seems to have worked anyway).

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Shawnee Poole on its own was only ever in the sleeve and plinth type box. It was in a straw box in the set with the Ford Force 5000 (safety Cab version), and Ford 6600.

I'm confused here......... I'm 99.99999999999999999% certain there was one on ebay last year in a sleeve and plinth box.  :-\ ???

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A couple of others that I think have been missed:


Vicon spreader (original type)


Sprayer (Ransomes?)

3 furrow plough (Ransomes?)

Disc harrow (yellow)

Tine harrow

MF135 with cab

MF135 Industrial (yellow w cab & loader)

Unimog (green with yellow tipping body)

Timber Trailer (I have a very tatty box in the attic somewhere which I'm sure was a Straw Box)

If I could remember where I put my catalogue collection I'm sure I could add a few more.

ps: If the 376 baler came in a straw box, then surely the bale sled came in a straw box?

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Thanks for all the information everyone,I think the only items I appear to be missing now are,the shawnee-poole dumper,the log trailer and the Lely turner as far as the implements are concerned.The only thing I don't have are some of the sets.

Again thanks to everyone who has responded-much appreciated.

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This is how the Shawnee Poole was available:

The Shawnee Poole Rear Dump was available in blue and red, on its own from 1966 until 1972 in a Sleeve and Plinth Box.  

It was available in yellow with either a Fordson Super Major from 1963 to 1965 or a Ford Super Major 5000 in 1965, also in a Sleeve and Plinth box.  

It was available in blue and red with a blue Ford Super Major 5000 from 1965 to 1968, or a blue Ford Force 5000 from 1968 to 1972, also in a Sleeve and Plinth box ( It was the same box as had been used for the previous sets)  

It was available in blue and red with a Ford 5000 with safety cab from 1973 to 1975, and then with a Ford 6600 from 1976 to 1981. From 1973 until about 1978, this set was in a Straw Box. Susequently it was in a Chevron Rainbow box.

From 1981 to 1984 it was in a Chevron Rainbow box with an MF595.

From 1985 to 1988 it was in a similar box with an MF2680.

I can confuse you more if you wish  :P;D

I can help with the confusion..... ;):) there were several wheel changes along the way! ???::)
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