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Fendt 936 conversed in to Black Beauty

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Hello everyone,

Here's another project from me,

It's a Fendt 936 witch i painted in a Black Beauty edition.

The model is modified with big custom made aluminium wheels.

The wheels are equipped with a low pressure tyre system.

Over the tyres i made some new fenders in the front and extenders on the back.

The details are: front PTO, warning lights and signs, airhorns antenna's, toplights,hydraulic connections and a BLACK BEAUTY sign on the hood.

Enjoy the foto's,

With kind regards, Sjonnie Peters.





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you've made a very good job on it

I want to ask you what kind of tires you put on front wheel please

at the rear one I recognize the Xérion 5000 tires


(sorry for my English)

About the rear tyres you are right, it are Xerion 5000 tyres from Siku.

The front tyres are John Deere 670i combine tyres from Siku.

your English is good enough!! ;D

Is that Siku or Wiking version?? If wiking, does that Agrisem go straight on or was there a modification??

Its a Wiking version and to get the Agrisem to fit on the Fendt you must take off the Siku compatible hitch from the implement.

If you look at the machine you can see that's very easy to do. ;D

Kind regards, Sjonnie Peters.

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