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JohnP's small (secret !) collection goes muckspreading


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At second attempt with better light and settings have managed to picture my few bits of kit

and while off with flu had chance to set up a muckspreading scene !

First of all my few bits and bobs.....

(collected while the missus isn't looking !)

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Nice one John P... Nearly bought that Marston today - what's it like... only if you are well enough to get to the keyboard with that terrible bought of flu you have... we can all see you have been bed ridden all day  ::):D :D

Ben's going to catch that Flu soon rumour has it  :D;)::)

i have those trailers Marky but with the DT tailgate conversion

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Compared to jakescots collection ("wow" !) and others on here, mines a bit pathetic

but what the heck, a real farm only has 4-5 tractors !

I need a few implements + bits and bobs plus start thinking about extras, like hedges, gates etc

and if I ever get any space sorted, a yard & buildings !

The Marston trailer look really good but are a bit on the large side for general use - did I see a shortened conversion recently ?  The main rams are sticky while the tail rams loose - I needed a prop to keep the tailgate open

more later...

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And finally...

pride of my collection are my "Exoto"1:18  Lotus F.1 cars the luvverly Mrs.P gave me for my 50th.

There's Jim Clark's 1967 Dutch-GP winning 49 (saw that on the tele !) and Graham Hills 1968-championship-winning 49B

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really hard to do justice to these and previous models without a decent photo.

Struggled to get lighting/angle/distance right for ages

(despite the flu - yesterday - I have been back today however - regretfully !!!)

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about 90quid each I guess, from the States

(she sought out help from friends to get them)

although I've since seen them on e-bay.

I fancy the Jo Siffert private entry 1968 British GP-winning car to make up the set !

The Aerodynamics guys downstars from me were heavily involved in McClaren F.1 for a while a couple of years back. We have a fuel drop-tank they did by rapid prototype methods kicking around our office.

But the cars don't carry the BAe logo anymore.

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