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Looking good claaspower i like the NH with the cattletrailer nice set up

but i think the case is a we bit of a over kill on the feeder :)

but your layout is coming on well keep it up

I agree................ loving the layout & nice detail.  Fantastic NH & cattle set up but the Case :'(  bit like shooting pigeons with an anti-aircraft gun :) .  My personal choice (speaking from the area I live in) would be a "classic" such as UH 7810/Britains 1056XL or one of the smaller moderns such as UH McCormick

Keep it coming

Great job job


(Text Talk removed).

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This takes me back to the sort of "open" set up I made when I was younger (but obviously with way more realism, and buildings I would have died for).

Love the hedges (sponge and flock?), kinked track (poor Scania driver ;D ) and wire fence. Did you construct this entirely yourself or are there parts from Mandy's shop? And (how) did you make the feed silo and silage clamp?

Superb 8)

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Thanks for your comments  :)

The farm layout you see there was made by a layout builder and I'm in the process of adding a new yard and two new fields which I am making myself,well trying to  ;D

The silage pit looks like it's made out of Kingspan kooltherm board and trimmed into shape(It's very realistic looking and probably the best example I have seen so far)

I have had a look on Mandys Website and I think I'll get a few bits there to finish the fields as I'm hoping to get the extension set up this weekend :)

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Got the new exstension in place and just waiting on a few bits from Mandy to finish off the fields :)

I'll have to get some proper pictures with a Digital Camera as these are only taken on the phone,and it's hard to get it all in but you get the gist :)




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You've done a lovely job - first time I've seen the walls in-situ - have you glued them in place?

What did you use for your high hedges?

Thanks Mandy,Yes they are glued in place as I have the fields set up in a way that if I ever have to take it down the walls and hedges are at the edges of the sections ;)

As for the tall hedges they are branches off an artificial Christmas tree,I stapled them on just in case they didn't look right but I think they turned out ok ???

I'll put up better pictures later.

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