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One for MJB1 - Potential wheel donors for your 2720

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Marcus (MJB1) is looking for some donor wheels to make a 2720 convo and I reckon I've found two potentials for him without having to modify the wheel arches...

Two modles i have... the Agrium 6290 and the standard 6290... What do you think... or am I barking up the wrong tree  ???

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What's the differences between Agriums 6290 & the standard one? Apart from the beacon and numberplate?

From memory... (as I'm at work now  :'() - the wheels, the front axle, front linkage, console in the cab, seat... And other fings !!! - Do you want Marky to post a piccy tonight when he gets home  ???

Sure I've seen it on here somewhere though  ???

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