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transit tyre van

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fb, i dont really make convertions for other people but you can pm me if ya serious about me making one, i can get a transit locally to convert but would need to find a compressor, there out of the atlas road compressor

cheers sparrow legs :)

thought it was :) :), may have one around the loft, i was looking for it for FP a while back but had no luck. I'll try again as i know i didnt throw it out and i'll let you know  :) :)

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Now theres a though!! Thats going to be spot on with a good farm layout to sit it on. We all need one of those I reckon!! It will look great with the proposed Hi-Ab ad a couple of tyres on the deck. Add some Scalextric pit crew and a trolly jack too. .... an airline reel.... .you could get carried away here!! (Britains Floral Garden hose reel for an airline maybe??)

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