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Vp Farms-- Working in the Water


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We wanted to disk up the field next to the farm.  We had disked it the day before Hurricane Rita, but it was looking real nasty since then.  Since we had a good dry spell in January we decided to disk it with the 9270 and a small disk that we pulled out of retirement as a spare.


When the rain started we decided to just repair the disks and get all three ready in case we got another dry spell.  Unfortunatly we didn't get it.


With about 1-3 in of rain comming in each week we are taking advantage and started waterleveling.  The stx started out with the buffalo and chisel combo in the old top-crop rice field we left ruts in.  We were able to disk up this field in January before the rain started. 




The 9220 is working the waterleveler behind the buffalo.  So far you've seen me use this on dry ground but this is what it is really meant to do.  Working in flooded fields are our specialty.


Here it is following the buffalo/chisel.


We hooked the chisel to the 9270 to rip up the old bean fields in the water.  This combo got started while the stx and the 9220 were in the other field.



The 4755 with the blade was in the field too reinforcing weak levees.


The waterlevelers on the stx and the 9220 arrive 3 days after the 9270 finished this field.



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