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winterhays new forklift


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i feel a convo coming on there mjb and she will take 3 then ;) ;) ;)

thinking about that this afternoon funnily enough 1/32F :)

like ya palllets :)

Are they balsa wood?

Must of been realy fiddly!

don't let marky hear you say that goodhead  :D ,marky made them out of the finest spruce  ;)

I know the feeling mjb. It's the same with the Britains Tattie Boxes and Marky's boxes on the Britains Flat-Bed......you get three on but not quite enough room for a 4th...... :'( :'( ;)

the 4th sits crossways on the back ok but again it's not ideal so will have to lengthen it slightly ,or send the 50 boxes back to marky to shorten them :D :D :D :D

the claas trailer has some overhang each side with boxes on just like the real fergie trailers but can only fit two of them on there so like 1/32F sugested that will also go into the workshop for modification :)

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& how often is a David Brown posted here ? one of the great british tractor manufactures of our time (well maybe before martins time ;) ) & very few models of them posted , anyone going to get DT's convo 1490 ?

Ay yer right mjb  :D;) ;). I've only ever seen one actually on a farm and the rest have been at shows...... :'( :) :)

I'll maybe have to post some pics of my Britains David Brown 990 Implematic then...... ;) ;) ;)

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Lovely scene Marcus - thanks for posting that... It warms the cockles of me art to see me woodwork being used in a 'real' location.  Post the measurement for the flat bed and I'll get the metal cut and bent for you (like I did mine and Bens)... Not so happy with the pallets as they look too thick... Been in the workshop all night making the mkII models out of thinner stuff and they look much better (will post you some shortly - blue or natural  ???)... had to make them out of Bass as Spruce won't go thin enough (or so the pillock in the wood shop told me  ::))

That wood is 1/8th x 1/16th and I'm now using 1/8th x 1/32nd - now true scale - And I love the DB - like you say it's not posted on here very often (if ever)... that's one of the best working scenes I've seen to date...

I may do a cono on my 200 (NOT YOURS I HASTEN TO ADD  ;)) so I'll probably get myself a bit of mild steel bent anyway so it will be no problem to get you a piece as well  ;)

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