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root crop trailer

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well been at it again with the angle grinder today ,came up with this,not saure if i have gone to low on the sides to be honest ,as i don't see any root trailers down here i just cut 1.5 cm of the origonal height,added a mesh header board,and self opening tailgate,she's not finished yet,still needs a second coat of paint and new decals,but thought i would see what you all thought

what do you all think about the height??


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root crop trailers down here are very rare,most farmers just use there grain ones,so i was unsure about the height,i may well just remove 1cm next time as it does look a little low but not majorly  out

yes shes started ben but ran out of wheels for no,awaiting news on some

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I have a copy of the Richard Western brochure in my tractor at work, if it would be of any help to you i could scan you a copy of the root trailers page with all of the dimensions on. As i said it doesn't look far out at all, just maybe a little short compared to the one we have at work.

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did you paint the wheel nuts and centre or are they painted ready :o

i paint the wheels my self rich,not sure why britains don't do it them selfs,looks far better,and they do it on the keenan

marky,still needs another coat of paint yet , but as for the scrap bin ???????

i think if i do any more i may not cut quite so much of the top,1cm next time,as it does look a tad to low,i will post a pic up of a standard one for comaprison

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