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Michael Kirwans collection


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Hi i am just posting some pictures of my dads collection his name is Michael and he has been collecting farm models for as many years now as i can remember. he mainly concentrates on 1/32 scale models and has over 1000 models mainly britains but also ertl, siku, universal hobbies, Joal, wise and many more. I hope to post pictures of some of his collection, it is very difficult to post the entire collection as he has them in alot of rooms in the house. He has alot of limited edition models. Anyways here is the pictures i have at the moment thank you





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Your dad has an amzing collection  :P  do you collect models as well?

thanks mate he appricates all the comments. i actually collect old toys from the 80s action figures and cars and ships and things mostly in there boxes. things i was interested in as a kid.

Hes got loads more stuff but he has a shed outside he keeps alot of stuff in i need to get them pictures and get them up here to

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Wow! Hell of a cabinet he has there, much nicer to see them out on show like that rather than shoved in load of crates in the loft or something. I bet you can stand for hours looking through all those shelves! :of

ah totally mate his shelves are amazing. he is a carpenter at trade so he made them shelves himself. that particular unit goes all the way to the roof to so the picture doesnt do it justice. he has all the boxes off these models in the loft to but he likes to have them displayed loose in the cabinet which is great idea.

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