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paper (now with Poll and some progress on this green project)


Should I paint the sleepers? the green ones will disappear anyway  

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  1. 1. Should I paint the sleepers? the green ones will disappear anyway

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Hey guys, I was thinking on entering the silage competition.... trouble is I have have no room for any permanent fixtures and no buildings etc... So I was thinking (brace yer sels) disposable buildings out of paper, IE Cheap, can be (delete as applicable) Burned, recycled, landfilled when finished with. Effects can be printed on bits of paper is need be.

has any one ever thought about/ or attempted such a thing.... and if they have any ideas on how much load paper can handle (I know about folding) .... Think silage pit with heavy siku model on top sort of thing. If the worst came to the worst I could insert knex roads in key places for strength.

I was playing around with bits of paper making 'H' beams with different techniques. seems to cope reasonable well with vertical loading. Ill have to reduce the size a bit to fit the scale which will create hell with strength but hey.... paper is cheap....

I reckon a roof can be made fairly light and stylish so paper should hold up a fair size of roof made up of paper.

And yes im serious.......

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well,folks.... progress is being made with this experiment. Prototypes for beams seem to be ok apart from being out of scale.... debating if im even going to bother going down the road with them... a bit too much effort needed.

I tried making z purlins out glossy papers.. would work ok if you can glue as you go and use a glue gun as its too springy. made a roofing sheet aswell. Glossy paper seems to work for it but you'd need 3second glue and do it in stages.


Ive got enough sleepers cut for 6 bays.... had to use cardboard and was pretty lucky that found some that is the scales thickness. seems strong enough....

As im just playing with stuff just now im only using PVA (kiddies) glue.


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Britains have been producing paper buildings, etc, on and off for over 80 years.

The first, and possibly earliest, that I have details of being a Free Gift of a model cottage, limited to 10,000 and requiring three penny stamps for p&p.  This from the 20's/30's.

Another pre war release was a card background of a thatched cottage, cattle byre, bridge and stream with a road in the foreground  66F. The buildings gave a sort of 3D effect when assembled/set up.

As a Herald product there was H7017 Britains Farm Yard from1961 and possibly 1962?

See also the light card series of buildings made in 1978 only as Western Fort 4750, Farm Yard 4751, Castle 4752 and Safari Park and Zoo 4753.

Papier mache has also been used:- Farmhouse 44F and Haystack 147F. A range of buildings, in papier mache, was also available in the Lilliput range by/from W Horton (Toys and Games).

The latest a Farmyard set, from 1999 only, made from a thick ish card as Farm Play set 00173 comprising of house, barn, pigsty and hen house along with a selection of livestock.

There may well be others  :-\ and some of these items were available in sets as well.

Hhmm, got more than a little carried away here  ;) ho hum........enjoy!

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I can now remember a book that had cutout things in that required folding and glueing to something... (this is like 16years ago) im sure it had a purple cover with a yellow box with red text on the front of it..... in fat off to google it now...

Ive got a mock wall made up with the cardboard strips from the pic... surprisingly strong and it doesn't look all bad.. of course helps if everything is the identical....

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Well a little update. Made one section to see what it looks like. A lesson learned from that.... paint + brush + glossy paper don't go well together. the paint would rather stick to the brush than the paper and the shininess of paper is lost anyway... cant really be bothered with buying matt paper for such a task. The reason it is needed is for strength as it is all that is holding the sleepers in place.... They slide in place like real life :laugh: and are removable (recycling eh ::) ) Another lesson I have learned (common sense really) is that a Man armed with a pencil, ruler, set square and a guillotine does not equal identical mass production... me thinks next the computer will doing the measuring and drawing ::)




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Well, we have progress....... its a race to see which happens first. this set up being completed or Seans silage Comp deadline.

Have fitted the uprights. Slipped up slightly by not making enough but we shall see if I really need another bay. The sleepers arn't painted because of a manufacturing flaw.... they be all different lengths and the uprights arnt  positioned just 100% which meant Ive had to try them in to find out which ones are the duds anyhow... adds some character I guess, since in real life it would be a bugger of a job getting every lined up anyway. asides from that it is mostly to scale.

I'm debating what to do with the floor. I was thinking of using polyfilla (insert competitor here if need be) but i think it kind of ruins the whole natural recycling thing..... might just paint it grey.

Any advice on improvements welcome and hey we are still cheap as the only thing I had to buy was 5 bottles of paint. RED, BLUE, GREEN, Yellow and metallic silver.



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Well I had a slight disaster in that one of the sides got damaged and snapped an upright. Have another waiting to dry as a replacement which will be a slightly different colour. got all my sleepers cut and tested. I think i'm just going to leave it as a 3 bay to save bother. four looks overkill but can be added at another time. Trying to think of a name for this effort... maybe Greenbraes or something. Firbrae?? names also welcome.

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