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mf 1080


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the 1080 wouldnt be rare but the model in your pictures certainly would in the UK as its what looks like an american spec tractor,most examples that came into the UK from mf,s french factory were fitted with steel cladded cabs and different fenders and different wheels,id say there are many more differences in the us version too,nice pictures and certainly nice to see such a good example...the 1080 wasnt one of mf,s most reliable tractors and this carried on to their successor the 595 mark1,notoriously unreliable and suffered many problems with cooling and hydraulic problems,and both the 1080 and the 595 were indeed underpowered at only 88hp........

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that's an American MF1080 Row Crop Dwain (Western models had no linkage, wrap over fenders and a fixed drawbar)... that one was made in Detroit Michegan. The 1080 sold in the UK was a Beauvais built machine, although the cabs were fitted in the UK at the dealerships (some came with the frame on only for the dealer to fit the cladding)

As my erstwhile colleague intimated above... not one of MF's best machines... in fact.. probably up there as the worst really... 595's were all just as crap... the Perkins A4.318 engine was weak... and suffered from head trouble which they failed to cure until the late model 595 when it got a 318.2 (dot 2) designation.. having said that... for the UK this was the giant machine every farmer wanted.. they did introduce some 53 or so Detroit built 1100's into the UK... but they failed to impress, mostly due to the price tag I think. The Americans went on to build the 6 cylinder engined MF1100 and a blown version of the same which was designated the 1130.. and climaxing with the ultimate machine... the V8 Perkins engined 1150 which are highly prized on the collector scene now in the States (and over here !)

I should also add... nice find. she looks to have been well restored.

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