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A view from marky Ferguson's Farm - WORK IN PROGRESS

Lord Ferguson

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very!!!....let me know if you dont need any help! :D :D ::) ::)

::) - thanks for the offer Ben... I think I just might run a tape measure around work when I have a free moment (did you know a moment is actually a measurement of time 2.5 seconds I believe) - Should have posted that in Ricky's trivia post really  ;)
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Nice one Marky, a useful post for a change aswell!!! Bom tush!!!

Looks great, lot's to look at on what looks like a busy day and a bumper yield off of Lounge Field. All your models are tip top condition too arn't they? More photo's Mark, not just to prove it really is all yours but so that I can advise FB how big a box to take with him for me tomorrow, ahem!!

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