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4mtr power harrow and drill

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hi dave,

          ive got that 4meter demount box drill finished but stuck on the markers (fixing point for folding), looks spot on, 4c seemed to like it. will drop it in for you to see when im passing. (cant post a pic as got a new pc and cant work out the photo package) the one you have made looks the dogs nuts, will you make it so it will demount as you can get the siku adaptor inbetween the gear box on ya 4meter as thats how ive done mine.

                                                                                              sparrow legs

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      i have used your idea on the piggy back drill as ive mentioned above and it uses the said hopper,ive done it in amazone colours (also added decals) and agree if dave cast it in resin he would be onto a winner. while i on ive got the six wheel jcb muck spreader finished, hope to show it on my layout at spalding.

                                                                                                      sparrow legs

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