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Josh's ever growing collection of John Deeres.


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I haven't really been doing this sort of thing for too long, back when i had my layout i would just buy whichever tractor/machine took my fancy, where as now i don't have one i thought i would focus my collecting on one brand, John Deere.

Few pictures, the 2 4020's on the end had only been mine for about half an hour due to a quick trip into Spalding to pick them up.





Few things i have on the wall.


Run out of room on the first pinboard so i've put some info about the new releases on another one over the other side of my room.


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nice collection Josh, must do a thread on my collection soon.

A few for you to save up for mate,

Ertl Precision 8400,

Ertl Precision 9420T,

Ertl Precision (combine i don't remember the number of!)

them 2 Ertl precisions i've been keeping my eye out for for a while, also the 8530 precision, don't think i'm going to bother with the 8430 precision as it's american spec, just got about another 4 30 series, then the ertl 7020, 7520, 8440, and perhaps a 3350 if i can get hold of one in a decent condition, but everything costs money these days, something that i never seem to have enough of  :laugh:

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I cried this morning, forgot about a 8400 on ebay that was finishing, it went for £56  :of  :'(  :'( :of

The 8430 is nice, but USA spec, an 8530 is alot nicer and Euro spec, it's one of my top 3 favorite models  :)

Oh no! And yeah, i'd much rather have the 8530, that way i would have the 3 biggest models in the 8030 series, 8330, 8430T and 8530, but i think that will have to wait until i have all the general releases.

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Oh yes, he let me hold one of those police variations at the last spalding, lovely model with an excellent finish, his work is brilliant to be honest, i think if ever i got to the point where i had every John Deere i am after (highly unlikely that will happen) but one day i would love to have one of the police variations off him.

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thats a nice collection you have there...my JD tractor collection consists of a 9530T, 8345RT, 8430T, 8360R and a 7930...I am still pondering over whether to get the SP Sprayer or do some overtime and get a couple of trailed Berthouds...whats the JD sprayer like?

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it's quite good, the booms move independently and that so you don't just have one boom with hinges on it, each side moves on its own which is a nice feature, 4 wheel steer even though the rear steering is rubbish, but it's quite a good model, i have both the SP sprayer and trailed 840i which is tucked round the back of the bucket next to the SP.

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Nice collection, however it looks like you need the Ertl 3140 and 3350 to join your line up ;)

I do indeed, but don't worry i'm on the look out  ;) it's funding all of these models that is the major issue, if i had done this about this time last year it would've been fine having done 6 weeks full time through harvest, but this year the same hasn't happened, and last year's money went on other models and a motorbike.

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Bit of an update.

I recently got this belt off ebay.


Then had a bit of a change around (don't ask about the Lexion 600 i will explain further down the post.)


Re-organised my literature into folders so it's slightly easier to find the series i want.


And then finally, i've put the lexion 600 and 8330 in place to represent Siku's T670i and 8360R which i am going to put into a diorama like this and put in that place, it's just a slightly different way of displaying and since i'm going to also have britains' 8360R, i can display the britains one and have the siku one in the diorama.


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