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A collega builder is buidling some nice steyrs and one Marshal. (scratchbuild)

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A colleage builder i know is building some Steyrs from the 8100 serie´s

The folowing type´s : 8140 8150 8165 8170 8180 and the Marshal (don´t know whitch typ :-[ )

Here are some photo´s of how far he is and he hope´s that he has them finished for Zwolle 2011 the LCN Show.

I thougt by myself you guy´s need to see this!

8140 2wd



8140 and 8150 4wd


8150 4wd




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Forgot to mention he has made these model so far whit an CNC milling machine from Proxxon.

And whit plastic card ofcourse.

The Proxxon is modifyed to an CNC by himself and he has learend himself to make the Autocad drawings.

He has build a lot of model whit sheet metal also whit his milling machine but when i for the first time spoke whit him and said i used ploystyreen sheets he wanted to try that for him self and this is the result so far

Any questions just ask glad to answer them for you ;)

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Wowww, this guy is talented.

Who is this guy John, do i now him? ???

I love his building capacity. 8) 8) 8):of :of :of

Does he build models to sell them or for himself? ???

Greetings, sjonnie Peters

Dont know if you know him Sjonnie his name is Paul Ogier and he live´s in Weert (NL for the English members)

He dous build models on request he said to me on MSN.

I shal give him the compliments you lads gave him ;)

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Stunning models, can't wait to see the Marshall version. A local contractor used to run a big Steyr based Marshall, it was either D165 or D150 on a reverse drive forager, only ever saw it on the road a couple of times around ten years ago, gutted I was never able to photograph it.

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