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deere est, didnt think about adding black extentions, good idea. all the floor pan is is a small newholland choppep about, dont think the other wings look right so i thought it was worth a try, taken ages to get the level right but 4c gave me some advice on monday and its worked, this one was a bugger to do but anymore i do will be easy. need to spray it next but to damp atmosphere at moment

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Well worth a try it was too Sparrow. Worked a treat in my opinion, that what put's me off the other conversions I have seen is those 'orrible wings. You could do quite alot of variations now, as it is it coud be a 7840SL but with the black extensions it could be a 7840SLE, 8240 or 8340. Been busy of late by the sound of it but I can't wait til you got a good atmosphere for spraying!!

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