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Jordans toytrac surprises


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i have booked a few tables for toytrac as i can get the time off work and so i had to come as i have for the past couple of years.

i am doing a mix of things this year, i have a small farm display and a few scenes i am bringing down. there are a mix of my own custom built models and weathered models that i will be displaying in the scenes. the main thing i am aiming for this year is detail as instead of going big and busy display i can focus on the small farm and fit in all the detail as im focusing on a smaller area.

i must admit myself its looking great so far with many things that you find on a typical small welsh sheep farm. i can also tell you it will be a winter scene and so a first of its kind at toytrac and as im sure many of you know i can create quite an impressive winter scene with many new and different ideas being thrown into it.

pics will follow

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