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My first attempt at convertions!!

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I have seen some fantastic looking convertions on this forum and have often thought about having a go myself. I have been advised to start with little changes using old play worn models, so today i picked a few with the help from an old scrap model.


This was my first attempt, i have a old wrecked britains 5610 and thought the front axle would look ok on my britains 6600!, after a bit of fileing the axle fitted snug, re-connected the steering bar and hey presto a 4wd Ford 6600.. 8)



Then i went a bit mad, i swapped the front axles from my old MF 595 and Duetz DX110, both axles went on sweet as a nut and both tractors look quite good in my opinion.. I know some have you have probabley done this loads of times before but i am delighted as i actually made some changes myself and with the option of changing them back to there origianal state... :)

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