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root crop feeder

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hey guys,

just wonderin if anyone has any pics that they could put up of a 3point linkage mounted root feeder,the one with the ram on top that allows it to fold down and load itself,then has an auger inside that chops the roots and lets it out the side.

tried the abbey and hi-spec websites but cant find anything, any help is greatly appreciated

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2 of the farms that we do contracting for own these feeders, i know one, a black one is mounted on a JD2140, the other, an orange one, on a JCB. I may be able to get some pictures of one of them if i go across there, depends where they have the machine at the time and wether or not it is in use

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yea those pics would be great. its mostly pics of the 3 point linkage frame with the ram attached that i need to get a look at,i can picture it in my head but just need somethin with a bit of detail. im gonna convert a siku amazone manure spreader into a feeder.

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