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Horseshoe Farm


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Hi guys and gals!  I'm a newbie to the forum as some of you may have read already in the introduction thread.  I'm back collecting after many years and have just started building my layout.  So I thought I'd better start a 'build thread'.  Here is the first batch of pictures to show my progress so far.  I am loosely mirroring my day to day work, so Horseshoe Farm will mainly be a dairy unit, but with a few sheep too.  More stock being delivered soon!


Basic Britains buildings purchased and built untill I've managed to build some from scratch myself!




Painting the base started.


Nice clean concrete in the tractor shed and workshop!


Roughing up the grass a bit.


Building some walls!


Need to sort out a background asap!

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well come to the forum  i can  see from the introduction you have met some of the nutters on here there are a few more around and will make a appearance.

I am looking forward to seeing your layout  progress and more than likely a trip  to Mandy's website for those extra details  to give you some ideas may be worth a look

i will await  the  next instalment ..... and let you round those loose sheep up  ...ha ha!   

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good start, I like the wall building looks like a realistic way to build a stone wall, is that the pea gravel stuff you find in plant pots or the bottom of fish tanks?

Although matey in the red shirt in the last pic seems to be upset about something, got his hands up in the air as if to say sod this wall building or I'm not chasing that loose pig around anymore I quit, farmers looking at him saying go on then bugger off  ;D 

That might only be in my own twisted imagination though  :-:-[

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His predecessor in 1961 had an apparently considerably heavier sack. Before 'Health & Safety' rules?

See: http://www.britainsheraldfarm.co.uk/History1961.html

While you're there, take a good look at all the other years highlighted at the first plastic farm range made by Britains. I'm guessing you may not be familiar with the 1950s & '60s range, which many of us older collectors rate as much nicer than most of their figures made since (with a few honourable exceptions).

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Yes agree that models from the 60s and 70s are nicer with more detail. Especially the animals. I was very disappointed by the latest cow models when I saw them :(. I had 60s and 70s hand downs as a child, so it's nice to see them still kicking about on eBay.

Well said Emily. We'll be getting you interested in lead next.

Take a look here, at a mix of zoo and farm figures on Richard Lewis's site:

http://www.thetoybox.4t.com/collection16.html  (lots of pages - keep going to see them all)

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That's better, now I am home I can see the photos! The 'phone is a bit basic when it comes to viewing the Forum from it  :(

Looks like you hit the ground running with the wall, that's nice that is. I should think the fence will look good once done as well, I take it the electricity company called by with some old poles to get rid of? Ideal for cattle fencing  8) Hope to see more of this coming along, it's nice to see a new member with a new found interest taking to building a layout.  :)

(Just don't get so engrossed in it you mistake the glue gun for you cup of tea. ...  :laugh: )

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I should think the fence will look good once done as well, I take it the electricity company called by with some old poles to get rid of? Ideal for cattle fencing


I was worried they looked too big, but you've given me a perfect excuse now.  The Electric Company, of course!!  :laugh:

I've got a few more bits and pieces delivered from this mysterious 'Mandy' you all speak of  :laugh: Shall be doing a bit more very soon!

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Popular use for telegraph poles that is, the farm I do some work on has a big heap of them. Every time we need a corner post or  strainer that is what we use. We built a small corral a few weeks ago and again made use of the poles.

Mysterious Mandy!! A treasure trove of a website she has, it's a one stop shop when it comes to details for your layout  :)

Look forward to seeing more soon  :)

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Hi everyone!  I've just started doing some more to my layout as have had a little time spare.  I've just got one picture to show you.  The drive!  It's not finished yet, but I was being all impatient and felt proud so far and couldn't wait to show everyone to see what you all thought!  So here it is!


More to come very soon!


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Emily!!! How wonderful that you've found the forum (and thanks for your email, yesterday - I'm glad everything was okay).

I collect the old Britains stuff too and I know what you mean about the new models, but I repaint them for my dios because I don't like them shiny!

Great start with the layout and really nice to have another girlie into farm dios on the forum. Particularly like your stone walls - must have taken you ages. What did you use for grass - it looks so realistic?

Mysterious Mandy... hum... never been called that before ::);D ;D ;D

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Hi Mandy! :D

As you can see i've been making good use of the supplies I got from you!

The grass (field) is just a mixture of matting, scatter, static and paint, and the grass in the walls is just scatter.  Kept sprinkling it on when building the wall (yes, it did take blimmin ages!!), whilst the glue was still wet.

I'm having great fun so far!

Anyway, time for me to go off for real life afternoon milking.  :(

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Hiya!  A couple more snaps of my progression!  Gate up, fencing done, concrete down, and even some stock arriving!



I'm painting my cows to mimmick cows i've worked with, but just done the 4 so far. I'm pretty pleased with them!

Building my silage clamp next and gonna order some trees from Mandy after next pay day. 

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