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Sparrow Court Farm

Mike R

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Firstly A big thankyou to Graham who sold his Beeches farm to me and now I have combined it with my layout to bring you Sparrow Court Farm It is  based on an acytual farm in Kent which farms 1200 acres on mainly marsh land and grows Spuds cereal and apples etc good old garden of england produce. We run mainly Ford New Holland with a few John deeres for reliability.

I have now almost finished putting the farm together so here is a few pics for starters the fields will come later.

thanks for looking.


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Glad Grahams hard work went to an appreciative new home, Mike.  :) Also nice to see someone else take it on in their own form and show it here on FTF so all the members who remember it in its past life can see it in its new life. Great buy and hours of fun for you so far no doubt, I hope there are plenty more too.  :) :) :)

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good to see grahams work full appreciated and being used in a new form mike, certainly fits in well to your area.  as for tractors, i personally don't like to many out at any one time ,usally arround 6 or 7 tops out for ash tree, but i do vary them arround, as we used to have 3 farms, so kit got moved arround, as did implements, so that may make the problem easier for you, just move them round the other farms so to speak

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