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FORD TW-30 Conversion.

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Nice to see a bubble cabbed big TW like that, finished it off well. The 15 will make a great little brother for it  :) :)

Thanks Tris. Glad ya like them. The TW-30 with a trailed silage harvester side filling the TW-15 would make a good pic i think. Might work on that one! ;);D
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Now this is my kind of model tractor Justin. Quality work on the big TW-30, very smart. Look forward to seeing your TW-15 finished aswell.  8)

Cheers David. The TW-15 might be finshed after the weekend. Waiting on a decal from Henri Walker for it. Again these conversions were pretty straight forward. The Britains tractors are easy enough to work on. And D Towse seems to have most of the bits to suit em. Might step up the bar for my next convo. A Fritzmer cab Ford 4600.

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exellent work Justin 8), where did you get the bubble cabs from??

Thanks Steve. The cab itself is from a Britains Ford TW-25/35. The roof is from a Britains TW-20/7710. Both the cab & roof even tough from seperate types of Britains Ford tractors will fit together quiet well. I got them from Dave Towse. He sells parts for alot of obsolete Britains tractors from the 80's era. Great bloke to deal with. ;)
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