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Barry's farm model collection


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Been meaning to do this for a while, so here goes.

First up, John Deeres

1.Siku 6930

2. Wiking 7430

3. Wiking 7530

4. Britains 7930 conversion by myself - new wheels & tyres, steps, front weight, grab rails, mirrors and beacon added.





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5. 8400

6. 8400 Euro conversion by me - new items include - front weight and weight holder, front axel and wheels, roof removed, indicators filled and new mirrors added, new rear wheels and tyres, rear arches extended  :-*  Link to 8400 thread

7. another 8400 (will be converted to Euro with front linkage when I get round to it!)

8. Ive got 8 x 8400 altogether (1 converted, 6 in the photo, 1 in a box somewhere!)





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Thanks Barry...I have been called worse things in my time ;D ;D

No Blues or Maroons in your collection :-\

No no, I was saying bogger to myself for my spelling mystake........what I called you was worse and not really for the eyes of people on here to see!!  ;D ;D

Blue and Maroon to come  ;)

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lovely collection barry,what are/is the last picture of the jd undergoing surgery,and would love to see pictures of the euro 8400,6 of them barry? you have'nt got enough have you!!!!!!!!!!

No, I've got 8 of them!!

1 I converted to euro spec

1 in a box in the garage

6 in the picture.

The JD under surgery is to be a 8*20, i'll do another thread for it soon

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