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Case IH 956XL from contractor Smits Helmond

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Well as the topic name say´s

A Case IH 956 XL from W. Smits from Helmond NL

The model is a resprayed International 956XL

Wheels are from the Renault Celtis from UH and the Rims are modifyed of an Deutz K also from UH,

The frontmudguards are also from the Celtis.

Mirors are from the Deutz K.

Sticker where made by Henri Walker.

here the real one




And then the model.

Must point out that the front wheels are bigger then the real one the reason the owner of the real one like´s the tractor more on these wheels.




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Thanks for the reply´s

Sean i think this isnt the hardest conversion i have ever made,

The cab can be taken down to peaces so you can spray paint the cab quit easy but the arches at the back ar in one peace with the cab that needs some taping for the paint job and i think you can best paint the arches first!

The rims at the back are only modifyed with some plastic card strips and they are from the UH Deuzt K.

Quit easy to do realy ;)

The front mudaguards where a litle bit more dificult to do but with some paitiënce you can do the job ;)

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Thanks for the reply´s

@Joe: the airtank on the tractor is for the Clutch to make it go easyer on the pedal!

The drivers complaind how heavy the clutch pedals where on these tractors so he bought that airtank and bought parts for the Clutch pedal of a DAF truck and made those sets on his Case 1056 XL´s and this 956XL

He also advertised with this set and sold these ( i think he said he had sold about 100 sets of this!)

Also there is an airinstaltion for the brake´s on the back of the tractor to pull a trailer with airbrake´s

The airtank is not on the model :-[

also on dent in the cabpilar isnt also on the model :-[:P

Kind regards Johny ;)

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Well i had it already planned when i where building the first one but here it is now with her twin sister!

Some one in Holland where verry happy last saturday when he got the model of his own tractor! :P



Here the real one that needed a big repair :'(



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