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Jon from Fife


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I have fond childhood memories of playing with my Britains tractors when i was young, so when my son was old enough to wield a tractor in anger I started to buy him a few Britains and Siku models to play with. Well that was at the start of the year, I now have a cupboard full of them and am still on the look out for more! I run a joinery business so I have built a open fronted storage unit with 8'x4' board on top in Hugos room and hopefully over christmas I will get some sheds and buildings built for him.

On the collecting front I've taken to visiting tractor dealers when I've got some time off, oh dear, I'm afflicted and not ashamed to admit it. Jon

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Welcome aboard FTF Jon and nice to see another Scottish member. There are quite of few Britain's collectors on here and that is what I myself collect in 1/32 scale. There is a section on here for posting photos of your collection so I'm sure myself and others would like to see your storage unit and tractors.

The link to collections


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Welcome to the forum Jon, you will soon find that you are a lot poorer when you see the scale and variety of models that are available today, you had better build a BIG cabinet..................I'm on my third and I have still got loads in the loft  :-[:-[ :-[:-[

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Welcome aboard the finest cruise ship that is, FTF.

You'll love it here and no doubt fit right in if your earliest memories included toy ahem  .. .. .. MODEL tractors!! That's what we tell our other halves now to try and justify why we spend hard earned wonga on and collect what we do  :laugh: :laugh:

Have a browse, there is oodles of stuff here to take your fancy.  :) :)


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