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Tris's Britains of Yesteryear


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At last!! I managed to photograph what I have so far in this collection before it was boxed up and banished to the attic.  :(

Basically I look for MIB (as near as for the money) Britains which I trashed as a child. Most suffered some hefty insurance claims, many were sold at jumble sales, binned or lost. Some survived, I have my first ever Britains toy still, in a hell of a bad state. A terracotta Fiat.

Anyway, I'll start the photos with the the Holy Grail as far as I am concerned. Not any more, it was found by a well known Dutch trader for me a couple of years back in stunning condition. I have never seen another either. If I hadn't found this (Christmas present in '86 I think) then the rest of the collection would have been futile.





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It's a job to know to be honest Mark. I have the Krone round bale wagon, yellow folding disc harrows and the Fyson elevator to add to the topic. As for purchases, Mercedes cement mixer in gold box, Police Land Rover in gold box, blue Leyland milk tanker, Mercedes tow truck I think in gold box..... There the immediate ones to mind anyway. :)

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Thank you, Lee. It's enjoyable and memory provoking to be replacing my old toys. I don't have any of the collectors guides as I am not all that into the information surrounding each and every release, that said I have never seen the cattle lorry gift set anywhere before or even seen it referred to!

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Nice one little hobbit  ;)

Brings back so many memories for me..although I'm 50 or so years older than you buddy..

The hours I spent carpet farming with 5000's, 6600's and yes a 135 with the mf balers and sledges..chug chug  ;)

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Back in the day, it was one of these old girls that harvested mum and dads house from top to bottom. The seasons were kind as I think harvesting was a weekly thing!

Box isn't so pretty but the combine is mint. Maybe one day a better boxed example will appear.




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very nice minters there.. i used to have the disc harrow as well, played many hours with it, until one of the arms broke... (probably fatigue from all the hours it had to make ;) )  The benac round bale carrier also brings back memories of the days gone by.. A friend of mine had it and i always wanted one, but never bought it though..

Will you only be getting the machinery and tractors you used to play with or also some minters from the same era?

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And for what I'd consider the bargain price of £35.00, no other bids! I got this last week from eBay and the lady was kind enough to throw in the pig stye and loads of odds and sods animals and figures too. Just to need work out what is inclusive of the set and what is missing and replace them.







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