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Hoegen Dijkhof MBA 444 sprayer

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Here is a model I ordered earlier this year and was finally able to pick up at the Zwolle show. It was build by Marien van Breugel of Agriscale (www.agriscale.nl). His father used to use an Hoegen Dijkhof sprayer on a Unimog. I liked the model but preferred one of Weise's MB Trac 1100 models so he did one for me.

The model is constructed out of plastic and all done by computer aided technology.

I am still toying with the idea of putting the tractor on row crops but don't dare to take them off as I don't want to damage the model which is verry brittle. Everything is there and working like the real thing. Booms are 24m in real and the lines are there, the nozzles and the valves. Plus a hose on the side to fill the tank and a rack on front where you can put your canisters with chemical onto. The boom levelling is fully functionally through some tiny pulley's, cylinders and pieces of twine. I don't dare unfolding it though in case something breaks off!




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Sean; It was in the display case from Agriscale themselves but not in the LCN ones. I think there was an Fendt Xylon with sprayer in there though?

PDC: Yes very similar only that one is based on a Dammann Forward Control unit. Hoegen Dijkhof were also the importers for MB Trac and Schlüter. Hence why they used those tractors for their sprayers.

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