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kestler farm cornwall


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from the sale of beeches farm ,we brought kestler farm in cornwall 200 acres grass,48 acres cereals for feed for 87 pedigree south devon cows plus followers,plus stock bulls ,all youngstock is fattened and sold in local markets and some heifers and bulls are sold at pedigree sales ,also have 135 suffolk pedigree ewes plus 4 stock rams also sell all lambs fat , we do most of the jobs on the farm ourselfs we share forage harvesting and combining with neighbouring farm ,also do farm b&b

  see if pics load







pics of the veg garden some runner beans growing ,lettuce ,and some fancy lettuce ,some potatoes also some pics of new cattle yard with side feed face also older building with  railway sleeper walls also used for cattle housing and lambing and general storage more pics to follow

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a few updates was after another tractor for the straw chopper saw in M D FORDS advert that they had a smart looking john deere 2wd 3050 thouught that would suit are needs cracking tractor





not up to the man s standard that paints the cattle at toytrac from bruton but i painted up some cattle like  south devon s also got the heat gun at the bulls and made them lay down



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Heat gun at the bulls!  :laugh: :laugh:

You're a crafty fellow, Graham. You are loaded with tips and ideas on how to do things, I'd have never have thought of that. Mark did a nice job refurbishing that 3050 for Kestler Farm.

Oh, where does the name Kestler come from?

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thanks painter mark and tris the name kestler is just out of the air tris cracking job he made of the tractor the strw the animals are lying in is what they call wood wool looks a bit like the real stuff i thought ,i have made some more animals just getting up moved some legs around and heads with the heat gun but just put the animal in a bowl of cold water and hold it in position and it will stay there have a go ;)

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Some detail in the sheds there Graham, rally liking the feed barriers, galv panel gate with bolt, gutters & downpipes, not to mention the straw.

Smart paintwork on the cattle too.

The 3050 looks at home there, I gave it a full valet before it left the yard  :laugh:  I think I can see another tractor that I supplied to you a few years ago as well  ;)

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