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Good choice of tractors its got to be a Massey or Claas for me 

is it a universal hobby mf 5430 in pitcher 3 on the mixer if so how detailed is it .Is it up to there normal standard because I was look to get one myself.

yes it is the new uh model its ok but would need abit off a change like the wheels
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lovely detailed layout there and a cracking new little 5430 Jan :) ,would look even better with a loader mounted on :P

I'll agree there jamie.. get rid of that linkage and fit a loader, would like one myself

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right, I have a Arion 430 with a loader and the front links fold right up to the bonnet like on the real one, so you barely notice they are there. 

the claas has got the folded link arms on the front, this model doesn't so you would want something on the front really, hope this helps.

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