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Where are you from ????

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I live @ Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

I should point out, having just checked your profile, that unlike most members here, I only collect really old farm (& other) toys, many made long before I was born (1952), never mind before when you were born (1997)! Something you should perhaps keep in mind when discussions in the forum include phrases like "old models". According to our various ages, we will probably have different perspectives regarding what qualifies as 'old'.  ;)

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy and learn. With any luck, it will become a lifetime hobby (perhaps with breaks, when your collection is consigned to the attic - but don't sell it). For example, it was not until this year that I finally managed to buy a few items 'to complete the set' of Britains farm buildings that started with two I was given as Christmas presents in 1961! 

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Welcome to the Forum.

I live in a village north of Andover in Hampshire. Like David I collect old farm toys, the hollowcast lead ones and not the plastics, and wish I had kept the farm that my grandparents gave me in 1950. My grandfather made a farmyard complete with pond and a number of buildings to go with it. 

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In the old days we used to have a map with everyones location on it..Wonder what happened to that ?

Me..sunny Udimore area..east sussex England  ;)

There was a link to another site and frankly I found it difficult to add my location. Kept putting me in Kent instead of Hampshire because it only recognised New Hampshire in the US of A!

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