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Norscot Cat MT765

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Hi, I was wondering would be able to help. When the new Cat Challenger came out, I went out and bought one. But even though it is more of a show model, I wanted to know if anyone knows where I could get standard linkage or a hitch to fit britains and siku implements. I also wanted to know, where I would be able to find some wider tracks for it, as the fitted are more of a row-crop style. If anyone could help me on any of these problems, it would be greatly appreciated.

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You can fit a siku hitch without too much trouble, I've also seen a hitch advertised on the farmmodels.co.uk website for these, not sure if thats just a siku hitch or not but sure Karen could answer your question if you email or call her.

As for the tracks, the only donors I know of are the 85/95E tracks which look to be the same length, that said I will have a look for you later as I might be able to sort you out with some tracks for it.  ;)


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Something I have noticed over the last few weeks is that the track units are off the challenger when I take them out of the box..... This is the third one I've opened recently and all have had the same track unit loose at the front where it mounts on, nothing a small spot of superglue doesn't sort but wondered if anyone else had the same problem??


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This is it how the MT765 bocomes with the tracks from JD 8350T Britains/ERTL. It is just to put them on. The tracks runs just fine as the original when you driving the tractor.

Farm Toys Forum > Toy Farm Pictures > Your Model Vehicles > Caterpillar > My Hotted MT765


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